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An Anniversary Shipment


DDS celebrated 25 years with the largest cocoa ship to arrive in the US. The M/V Vigorous with 20,750 metric tons and over 315,000 bags unloaded at pier 84 in January 2014.

-Philadelphia Regional
Port Authority

What our customers say
about the Port of Philly…

"Thank God for the foresight and tenacity to move imports to the Port of Philadelphia (when it was said to be impossible). Not being the nation’s largest port suits us perfectly!”

Supply Chain Manager
and Logistics Manager from one of the nations largest chocolate producer

Dependable Distribution’s Warehouse will Manage More Than 800,000 gallons of Stormwater On-site

The Philadelphia Water Department has awarded a $2.7M grant to W&W Realty Co., LLC, for the installation of innovative green stormwater infrastructure at its Dependable Distribution Services, Inc. warehouse in Philadelphia. Once complete,
the new green stormwater infrastructure will manage more than 800,000 gallons of stormwater directly on site, significantly reducing the property’s burden on the
city’s storm sewer system.
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Solar Panels to Provide Nearly 100% of Electrical Needs at Corporate Headquarters

DDS is pleased to announce the recent installation of 400 solar panels for our corporate headquarters. This installation will offset almost 100% of the electrical needs of our corporate headquarters in Pennsauken, NJ, including our Organic Distribution Center. This electrical offset is equivalent to the impact of removing 20 vehicles from the road, planting over 5,000 trees or preventing 125 tons of CO2.
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Where Does Chocolate Come From?

Where does chocolate come from? Actually, it DOES grow on trees. It all starts with a small tropical tree, the Theobroma cacao, usually called simply, “cacao.”
(Pronounced ka-KOW. Theobroma is Greek for “food of the gods.”) Cacao is native to Central and South America, but it is grown commercially throughout the tropics.  About 70% of the world’s cacao is grown in Africa.
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